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About us


We are one of the most loving churches you could attend.  We think if you visit us once you will want to come back to our church.  Our Pastor says, "God is Good!" and we say, "All The Time!" almost every Sunday.  One of our slogans is Invest, Invite, Include.  I just heard my Pastor say, "A Church Alive, is Worth the Drive!"


We Believe that Jesus is the only way for Salvation!

"Nor is there Salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." (Acts 4:12)


Here is a site of what we believe also:



History of the church

Pasfield Southern Baptist Church History

A lot of what we know of Pasfield’s history comes from notes that were written in a book form. Olive Henderson kept notes on the church for more than forty years and when her health began to decline, she entrusted the book over to Marple “Pop” Draper who then took over those duties. It is because of these two fines ladies that we are able to present much of what is presented today.


September 1949 Pasfield Southern Baptist Church began as a mission in Highland Recreation Building at the corner of Holmes Avenue and Highland Avenue. The Mission had been a dream of Rev. Adolf Chrissman of the South Grand Baptist Church of Springfield (now known as First Baptist Church).


Pasfield Southern Baptist Church was officially established Easter Sunday, April 9th 1950. The church consisted of 12 members and Rev. Paul Spencer who served a pastor. In 1951, the church purchased two and a half lots on the corner of Pasfield and Lenox. Construction of the church building quickly began until construction was halted due to lack of funds. Rev. Spencer served as pastor until 1953.


In May of 1953, Preston Denton became the new pastor. Under his leadership, the church sponsored a new church Faith Southern Baptist Mission in the Northwest part of Springfield. This later became West Side Baptist Church.


Construction of the church building resumed on the spring of 1954. The needed money to continue came as the church had grown to 198 members and there was an average of 98 in Sunday School. The Building was largely done with volunteer labor, with members of the congregation hauling the needed supplies with the women and children and carrying supplies to the scaffolding. By November of that year, the two story brick & concrete building was completed at the cost of $37,000. They say they finished the roof at three o’clock and the rains began to fall at four.

Pastor Denton served as pastor until July of 1956.

Rev. Roy Baxter was called to lead here as pastor in November 1956. He served until February 1958 when he accepted a job as a Chaplain in the US Navy.


W.C. “Carl” Whittington was called to pastor for just four short months in the later part of 1958 and he was soon replaced by Rev. Lee Rule who came to lead in January of 1959. Pastor Rule served as pastor for seventeen years and it was here that Pasfield recorded its’ highest attendance. During his tenure, the church paid off all of its loans and began an ongoing building fund. Plans were considered to build a new sanctuary on the lawn of the existing building. In the early 1970’s the church was remodeled adding paneling on the walls, carpet and new furniture. Pastor Rule resigned in August of 1976.

October 1976 William Graves came to pastor but resigned in May of 1977 to accept a position as a chaplain in the US Air Force.

June 1977, Russell Price was called to lead, and many were added during his leadership. New windows were added at the time and Pastor Price stayed until 1982 due to his declining health.

In August of 1983, Tim Lampley was called as Pastor and stayed until June of 1985 where he went on to attend seminary. Pasfield experienced remarkable growth and vision during Pastor Lampley’s leadership.

In May of 1986, Milton Bost took over as pastor. During his tenure, the building fund had grown to fifty-five thousand dollars and with help from the members Pastor Bost saw to the building completion of the new sanctuary which was dedicated Easter Sunday morning April 7, 1996. The overall cost for the building was estimated to be two hundred thousand dollars. Pastor Bost continued to lead until October 2000 when he resigned to take a position at the Capital City Baptist Association.



In February 2002, Paul Hardway was called to lead, and he stayed until he resigned in February 2007 due to health reasons. During Pastor Hardway’s tenure, we purchased the former Dodds’ school building which is being used as Sunday school classrooms as well as other ministry outreach.


In January 2008, Roger Tyler was called to act as the interim pastor for Pasfield, which led to his calling as pastor in May 2008. Pastor Tyler & his wife Rachel have four daughters. Tess, Faith, Lydia & Vanessa have grown up at this church and we are blessed to have them in the Pasfield family. During Pastor Tyler’s tenure, we saw an increase in the number of missionaries and mission sponsored projects.

In October 2021, John Swinford was called to serve as the new pastor of the church. Since his arrival, Pastor John's focus has been on Pasfield becoming the neighborhood church, by ministering to the needs of those in the neighborhood.  One way of doing that is by starting a new Christian school in the old Dodd School, located across the street from the church, offering an affordable Christian education alternative to government ran schools.  This has led to renovation of the old Dodd School building and a partnership with Grace Association of Schools in Channahon, with the expectation of the new school opening in 2023.  More information about Grace Association is available at


On August 1, 2023, Brian Morgan began serving as the Worship Arts & Next Generation Minister, marking the first time in the history of the church that two ordained ministers of Jesus Christ are on staff.   

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